Social Management of Consumers

Social Management of Consumers enables communities involved in the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program to take an active role in the improvements of their energy service and areas. This elements has the goal to modify a social environment generating within the population the cultural elements required for social change, through values such as solidarity, identity, empathy, and cooperation, all grounded by good community management capacities.

Among specific goals, Social Management of Consumers aims to:

  1. Reestablish between the electrical distribution companies and consumers.
  2. Increase payment levels.
  3. Reduce fraud levels.
  4. Educate users in safe and efficient use of energy.

Social management is carried out strategically throughout the whole Program’s execution. Before the physical interventions regarding the rehabilitation of networks, socioeconomical diagnosis are made in the different influenced areas, the Program is presented to community leaders, and a Monitoring Committee is set as a link between the community and the distribution company. These efforts are consolidated with the signing of the Social Pact, which indicates the commitment of the community and the distribution company to work altogether for service improvement in a sustainable way.

Throughout the process of engineering and infrastructure held in the circuits, social management presents the Program details to residing citizens, and also works along the contractors and its brigades to safeguard and maintain the community’s wellbeing. It is also responsible for workshops and courses to educate users on the safe and efficient use of electrical energy, enabling them to take control in their role as customers of the distribution companies.

Once infrastructure interventions are finished, social management supports commercial management and the monitoring of results. This includes activities of governance and accountability, and meetings that aim for the sustainability of the results and the keeping of the community links that were stablished.