Telemetry Systems

Telemetry conentrated in heights is a technical solution that facilitates the comercial monitoring in areas that are considered as difficult to manage. We will apply the telemetering technologies in 63 circuits that will be rehabilitated in the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program, alongside 21 more belonging to the substations Embajador and Paraíso in the Distrito Nacional, which were rehabilitated throughout the first phase of the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program.

This innovative system enables a remote communication with a meter to gather all the information it records. The measurement and data is read remotely via a module that sends the meter reading presented on its screen to a receiver in the distribution company, which allows the company to generate instant answers and feedback to user requests.

Since data is transmitted directly from the meter to the computer system of the electricity distribution company, with telemetering visits to the user supply center by technical staff are avoided. Disconnection and reconnection of the electrical service to a user can be performed immediately, enabling better customer service by reducing response time of complaints.