Network Rehabilitation

The Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program includes within its reach the network rehabilitation in selected circuits within the accredited areas of the electrical distribution companies. Circuit prioritizing for rehabilitation is made based on high density of clients and users with a low level of commercial activity; high losses, both technical and commercial; the circuits with high degrees of vegetative growth of consumption; and the circuits with high rates of failures.

The rehabilitation projects apply several technologies, adjusting to the technical requirements each circuit presents. Each process is a totally different world, but they all converge when it’s time to present results.

Among the major improvements after these projects are:

  1. The elimination of illegal connections and installation of connections and meters, either individual or in armored panels for existing and new customers.
  2. Rehabilitation in specified circuits of Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) network lines to reduce technical losses caused by the poor state of the previous infrastructure.
  3. Implementation of macro meter branches for measurement of medium voltage and the implementation of micrometering in processing centers, which enables the creation of distribution cells that provide energy balances and control of losses.