Management and Monitoring

The management, monitoring and evaluation area of the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program provides multiple activities to ensure the desired outcome and its sustainability, alongside the compliance of the Program’s main goals. This area finances consultancies and assessments to supervise and monitor compliance and quality of the works performed by the contractors in the network rehabilitation, monitor the amount of hours of service supply throughout intervened areas, and measure the public’s perception regarding the quality of the service offered by the electrical distribution companies.

On the administrative level we also support institutional strengthening of the CDEEE and the EDEs, for which we include the acquisition and updating of tools and software, alongside technical support, such as the Energy Control System (ECS), the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to manage data an customer interactions, the Business Intelligence BI-Cognos System and the Meter Data Management System for integrated management of data extracted in the process of metering and billing the electrical energy.

Another element within the management and monitoring area is the follow up on technical and commercial indexes, which allows us to quantify the achievement of the Program goals and the effectiveness in our actions.