Environmental Management

Within the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program, we have the responsibility for implementing the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), alongside supervising our contractor’s execution, to fulfill both local and international law and regulations regarding the environment.

The EMP’s goal is to establish the necessary measures for the proper management and monitoring of waste collection sites and hazardous wastes. We aim to apply the world’s best practices and comply with all applicable environmental regulations regarding prevention, control, mitigation, correction and / or compensation of the most significant environmental impacts that have been identified in the Program area, not only during implementation, but also during operation and maintenance carried out by the electrical distribution companies.

The Environmental Management Plan includes multiple activities to ensure environmental welfare for all communities. Among the are:


El Plan de Manejo y Adecuación Ambiental contempla múltiples actividades para garantizar el bienestar del medio ambiente y de las comunidades a intervenir. Las principales son:

  1. Implementing a comprehensive Environmental Management System for the Program.
  2. The recruitment of specialized personnel to strengthen environmental management structures EDEs.
  3. Adaptations and / or remediation of existing storages by applying the regulations and best practices.
  4. Construction of containment areas for contaminated equipment, also known as green spots.
  5. Monitoring the compliance of environmental clauses in contracts with contractors to ensure environmental care in infrastructure activities.
  6. Public consultations to share and gather feedback with communities regarding the findings of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and the Environmental Management Plan.
  7. Control forms for environmental operations.