Commercial Management and Market Discipline

When it comes to commercial management and market discipline, the Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program contemplates the joint elaboration of commercial guidelines by the Electricity Distribuiting Companies and CDEEE, that cover a range of activities to take place before, during, and afterwards the network rehabilitation interventions with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of results in reducing losses and improving the quality of customer service by the EDEs.

Throughout a first phase, we define and follow up on the application of commercial policies that regulate the normalization of users of the electrical industry and guarantee the proper link between supply – transformer – circuit, to guarantee the elaboration of reliable energy balances.

Throughout the execution of infrastructure interventions, initial surveys of farms, supplies and users of electricity will be made, which will then be incorporated into the data reading routes; alongside verification of the commercial status of the users identifies and the recruitment and integration of irregular service users in the commercial cycle of the distribution company.

Throughout the year after inaugurating the rehabilitated circuit, through specialized brigades, we will follow up on the Commercial Cycle (data reading, billing, payment, and customer complaints) of all energy supplies; we will make energy balances within the circuit, energy branches and transformers to verify and sustain the losses indexes, ensuring the proper maintenance of the customers’ connections and metering systems.