The Electrical Network Rehabilitation Program is an initiative held by the Dominican government through the Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales alongside the electrical distribution enterprises EDESUR, EDENORTE, and EDEESTE. It is formally acknowledged as the Distribution Network Improvement and Electricity Losses Reduction Program.

What we do?

«Modernizing the electrical distribution network, reduce losses and improve the service.»
Our purpose is rehabilitating the electrical network, improving the metering systems and improving the service quality that is offered to the population in specific circuits, parallel executing social management campaigns, and reinforcing the industry’s institutions to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of the results.

Where we are going?

«Contribute to the financial sustainability of the electrical industry to guarantee the country’s development.»
With this program we facilitate achieving the financial sustainability of the electrical distributing companies, through the reduction of both technical and non technical losses of the distribution system, the rise of the CRI and the improvement in the quality of the electrical service, alongside creating awareness on safe and efficient use of energy in citizens, contributing to the improvement in their quality of life and their communities growth in sustainable environmental conditions.

Our core values

Team Work
Result Driven